Below are step by step instructions to help you set up an account with  Welcome!     

#1. Click on the 'Sign Up' button at the top right hand corner.    

#2. Create a Username for your account and nominate an Email Address.  


Please take the following into consideration when selecting your Email Address: 

  • Use a permanent email address to which you have a reliable access
  • Make sure it is not connected to any other Tradefada account; andis unique to Tradefada and not used on any other cryptocurrency service, exchange or site. This email address will be used for account verification and registration completion, its secure integrity is important.
  • Make sure that your email account as well as information and credentials associated with it, have not been compromised. We recommend using available online tools (e.g. and regularly checking it.

#3. Create a 'Password' for your account.


Make sure you use a unique password which you do not use for anything else.

Tradefada has strict minimum password requirements for the security of user accounts and these are case sensitive.

PLEASE NOTE:  For your password to meet Tradefada minimum password requirements it must be a minimum of 8 characters long, and include at least one of each of the following: 

1 Uppercase letter;

1 Lowercase letter;

1 Special character; and 

1 number.

#4. By clicking on “Sign Up” You have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Tradefada exchange.

#5. After you complete registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your nominated Email Address

#6. Open the email and click on the ‘Activate Your Account' link in the email.


PLEASE NOTE: This link expires after several hours, so please check for the email and make sure you successfully activate your account soon after registering. These can sometimes go to 'junk', 'spam' or 'promotional' folders so ensure you check all folders.

#7. You will be redirected to and a message confirming that your account has been activated will be displayed. Your Email Address will now be activated and you may to log in using firstly your Email Address, secondly your case sensitive Password.

#8. Your account is now set up and you are ready to begin trading!



#1. Following successful registration of your Tradefada account, you automatically achieve LEVEL 1 VERIFICATION. This happens when you click on the activation email we send to you and you log into your account.



#2. To increase your limits and enable instant buys, you need to verify your account. You will be promoted by the window below:


Fill the Form displayed and click “SUBMIT” to start the verification process.

PLEASE NOTE: All fields are mandatory.


Click on “UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENTS” to begin uploaded KYC documents. You will be redirected to our ID checker page


PLEASE NOTE: Accepted Identity Documents are:

  • International Passport 
  • Driver’s license
  • Permanent Voters Card
  • National ID Card

Follow instructions on the ID checker page and submit. If no errors, you will be presented with a notification “All done! Thank you for using our service”




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