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Didnt receive my money after sending bitcoin to you

On the 26th of July I sent 100$ wort of bitcoin to you, all confirmations have been completed but still haven’t received my money to my bank account.... please attend to this as soon as you can

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On the 26th of September 2020 I sent bitcoin worth $575.74 to your wallet address and up till this time I have not received my Money. Please fix this as soon as possible because I am in dying need of this money and do expect you to live up to my expectations. Attached to my query, is an attachment that contains all the necessary information you will require. Thanks

my confirmation was complete since 10pm and until now, i have not recieved my money. sent bitcoin worth 458usd and 24usd respectively and all were comeplete before 10:30pm but i have not been credited. i feel this is not the way you operated in the past and it worries me if to continue trading with you or not. please respond to this as soon as possible...



Hello Sir,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we trust this has been sorted out by our support team.

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