There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving, or cannot find, automated Tradefada emails that you might be expecting. 


Use these troubleshooting tips to help:


#1. Is your account activated?


Following registration, you will be sent a 'Registration Confirmation' email sent to your nominated Email Address. In order to complete your registration, you will have to click on the account verification link. You will not receive any further emails including password resets until your account is activated.


#2. Are you checking the right email inbox? 


Check that you did not register with an alternative email address and have checked the right inbox.  


#3. Have you checked the junk, spam or promotional folders in your inbox? 


It is possible that emails from Tradefada get filtered into a different folder within your inbox, this may cause issues with synchronization between mobile apps or email clients. You should log into your email via a web browser if possible, and perform a thorough search for it.

PLEASE NOTE: There are sometimes issues with automated emails sent to email accounts provided by some internet service providers (ISP’s). In these cases, our automated emails are often delayed, but should eventually be received in your mailbox.


A small number of ISP providers may completely reject our automated emails as spam. If you are having a consistent issue receiving Tradefada’s automated emails, you whitelist domain from your email account or request your provider to remove the block on