The only time you need to provide ID documentation is if you choose to apply for Level Two Verification. 

You will be required to upload identification documentation when you apply. 

See articles 'Do I need to be Verified?' and 'How do I increase my verification level?' for more information.


Tradefada's ID requirements are outlined below:


#1. Upload a photo of your identification document. 


#2. Law requires your identification document to be either a government-issued current passport, Drivers License or Identity Card.


#3. This document must display a clear picture of you, and include your full name and date of birth (If this information is found on two sides of your ID, please upload both sides into one document).


#4. The file size limit for uploads is 4MB.


#5. We will not accept any identification that has expired.


#6. Upload a photo of you holding your identification documentation.


#7. Please make sure your camera lens is clean and your face is entirely visible in the photo. 


#8. We cannot accept photos where we cannot see your face. You must hold your identification open to ensure your photo, full name and date of birth are visible. 


#9. Please note that we cannot accept edited photos.

PLEASE NOTE: We cross-check your submitted information with your uploaded ID. 

This means whatever characters your full name is on your ID, this needs to be the same characters that you submit in the form.