Much like its namesake, Unobtanium (UNO) is a scarce cryptocurrency with a finite number of coins made available for mining. If you are wondering whether Unobtanium is different from other cryptos and altcoins, then you should know that the answer is a big YES!


Unobtanium Coin is a cryptocurrency based on a proof-of-work (POW) algorithm and concentrated on a fair and constant distribution system. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. In 30 years, only 250,00 Uno coins will be mined. This limited number of mined coins is not the only thing that makes UNO rare, it's fair launch and distribution system is unparalleled in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Uno was not pre-mined. The launch of theses coins was pre-announced and is categorically fair, with the first 1000 blocks mined at a low reward to provide miners time to configure equipment. There is no POS inflation, no stealth or ninja launch of this cryptocurrency. All the Uno coins in existence have come through mining.

Years after its initial launch in 2013, Unobtanium remains a highly regarded cryptocurrency that has maintained its value. While Unobtanium is also affected by short term swings in the financial market, the long term price chart of UNO in dollars and BTC show an unparalleled history of growth and value retention. This has made Unobtanium a favorite choice of many crypto investors and traders. Unobtanium is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is extremely valuable for a long-term holding and investment. It is merged mined with Bitcoin, leading to a protected high-difficulty blockchain that is three times faster than Bitcoin.


In that regard, let’s take a look together at some of the reasons why you should encourage Unobtanium and start purchasing it.


1.     PROOF OF WORK: Thinking about how POW can be a reason to purchase Unobtanium? It actually makes available, a way to process and verify your transactions while protecting the network. During the process of transaction, POW also helps secure the transactions from dangerous tasks, making sure that miners cannot add fake blocks to the blockchain. 

The proof-of-work compromise appliance makes the most of the device shredding power with the aim of resolving a compound mathematical problem so as to validate a transaction expected to be deposited in the blockchain. 


2.    MERGED MININGThis does not only gives the BTC miners access to earn more for the hashing power they contribute to the network, in the form of UNO coins but also interestingly adds to the blockchain' security. It also helps BTC miners to mine UNO coins concurrently as well.


3.    FIRMNESS AND UNIFORMITY: UNO intends to be firm and consistent, and yet a highly treasured and easily moveable form of value to the world of cryptocurrency.

UNO, even though a cryptocurrency, also adds safety and certainty to all transactions, turning it into a valuable coin to handle


4.    UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION: Just in case you don't know, UNO uses insufficiency and serious difficulty blocks to withhold value, even in an unstable market. With the few numbers of coins guaranteeing continued high pricing regarding other altcoins. This makes sure that UNO holders maintain the worth of their UNO coins quality even if other cryptocurrencies start decreasing, little by little.


5.    UNIQUE DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULEUNO was not pre-mined which automatically means that there is nothing like the risk of the inventor, or some extra early purchasers, retaining a huge block of UNO, striking a balance in the fairness and market stability of UNO. The first set of 2000 blocks that were being mined was awarded 0.001 to give more time to the miners to regulate their tools for boosting the mining of UNO blocks, with difficulty being reorganized, the rewards halve every 100,000 blocks.


6.    INVENTIVE PURPOSEUnobtanium is one out of the few cryptocurrencies that seem to be meant for long-term holding and investment, instead of using it for some regular transactions. The insufficiency and struggle of gaining or mining UNO that will be price increases resilient, and will continuously maintain its value even in a diminishing market.


Unobtanium is designed for investing, emulating real-life precious metals, like gold, in their inadequacy and supposed value. UNO intends to be the 'precious metal' of the cryptocurrency world. Invest in it now, and you will be glad you did!