For thousands of years, gold happened to be the most valuable mineral resource known to man. It was the treasure of the kings. Well, that is in the past. We are in the digital age now, the internet has transformed the way we do many things, and with the invention of Blockchain, the way we stock and transmit our wealth has begun to change too. We know Bitcoin is digital gold, but there is something fresh, uncommon and rarer than the digital gold. It's worth your time to learn about and worth investing your money. Do you want to guess what it is? It is Unobtanium!

While UNO is one of the rarest cryptocurrency in the crypto world, there are some things about it you may not know, but you should know. Let's have a look at some Unobtanium facts to give you a fuller picture of this original rare cryptocurrency.



 Only known as Blazr2the talented and mysterious founder of Unobtanium prefers to remain anonymous. However, his contributions to the creation and Unobtanium and several other coins demonstrate his or her remarkable skill. Since Unobtanium had no premine, instamine or development fund, this person owns very little Unobtanium. 


This is mostly due to the Uno technology. The Proof-of-work consensus ( POW)  uses the device hashing power to decipher a difficult mathematical problem to check any transaction expected to be put in the Blockchain. The difficulty in solving this problem makes it very hard to validate any forged transactions unless the person forging and attacking already pre-owns a large portion of the total hashing power of the UNO network. However, since UNO was never pre-mined or pre-ICO, it means nobody has a substantially large amount of UNO enough to attack the network or compromising the impartiality and market steadiness of UNO. Well, the case is not always the same for many other altcoins.




UNO has experienced a very firm and unchanging, long-lasting graph, with little or no instabilities predicted, when compared to other coins in the cryptocurrency market. UNO makes use of its scarcity and great difficulty blocks to maintain its worth, not minding if there are fluctuations in the market or not. This guarantees that there is a continuity in its high value even when the cost of other altcoins is diminishing. So, UNO behaves mimics the long-lasting storage of assets in the form of precious metals like gold, silver in place of fiat currency. 


#4 ONLY 202,000 UNO EXIST, WITH A MAX OF 250,000 IN 30 YEARS

Due to the rare nature of UNO coins, its prices are much higher than most other general altcoins. And as it is, there is a probability that the price will continue to rise, because there are a small number of coins is available.  And as the demand continues to increase, there will be a limitation to the supply. However, just as gold is to fiat currency, UNO is also aiming to be the same to cryptocurrency. In other words, a steady, dependable, rare, and yet still an exceedingly valuable, and without the difficulty of being moveable. 



For miners, mining UNO has been very rewarding. It has endured several bull and bear runs and has gained a lot of mass approval all over the world. Unobtanium is merged mined with Bitcoin, resulting in a secure high-difficulty blockchain that is 3x faster than Bitcoin. Uno was not pre-mined. The launch was pre-announced on Bitcointalk and is indisputably fair, with the first 1000 blocks mined at a low reward to provide miners time to configure equipment.

Now that UNO is merge-mined with Bitcoin, it is even more profitable than before. Just use your merge-mined BTC to buy even more UNO! 



UNO being an original rare cryptocurrency in the crypto-world, can be used and industrialized for numerous circumstances, even in Nigeria via the Tradefada platform! Some of these include;

  • Using UNO as an Exchange Token
  • Using UNO for Real Estate lease-to-own
  • Using it for Cross-Border Remittances
  • Using UNO for Cryptocurrency Agent Network
  • Using it for Under-collateralized loans for Cryptocurrency Loaning
  • Using UNO as a payment processor


Hopefully, you've enjoyed discovering all of these facts about Unobtanium. Now, it's your turn to start buying UNO. Just go to