To buy bitcoin on tradefada, login to your account and ensure you have enough naira balance to purchase the btc.

Click Here to learn how to fund your naira wallet 

  • Click on “Buy&Sell” 

  • Select “Buy” 

  • Enter the amount of btc you want to buy 


  • Select a discount option to get a lower rate 

We have 2 discount option that gives you a cheaper rate when you use unobtanium to pay your transaction fee.

  • The first option which is the Uno Express (0.4% Discount) charges you from your naira wallet and purchase UNO (unobtanium) on your behalf to pay the transaction fee


  • The second option which is the Uno Pro (0.6% discount) Pays the fee from your UNO wallet on tradefada, this requires you to have some uno on your Tradefada Uno wallet to pay for your transaction fee to get the best rate ever 

  • Select Buy to Option


  1. “Send to Internal Wallet” sends the btc to your tradefada btc wallet 
  2. “Send to External Wallet” will require you to enter your external wallet address

  • Click on “Buy Bitcoin” and a confirmation window will pop up

  • Click on “Confirm Order” to complete your purchase

  • Another confirmation window pops up that indicates your purchase is successful

If after your purchase gets the required confirmation and you are still yet to receive the btc in your external wallet, kindly send a message through the live chat on the website or raise a support ticket.