You can complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure easily.

Just follow the steps below. 


1. Go to your Settings, and select the KYC tab.

2. Fill in all the information required and upload your Identity card and other documents as requested. Make sure to take clear and quality pictures, with a maximum of 1 Mb.

3. Fill in your address the way it is stated in your proof of residence document

4. Submit a scanned copy of your identity document

5. Submit a valid proof of your residence document

6. Submit a selfie, in which you are holding your valid id card,and a note with your email address, current date and the word 'TRADEFADA'.

  7. After you fill in all fields,
  Click the “Request Verification” button at the bottom 


8. An email will be sent to you from us

If your KYC request is still pending for more than 48 hours or you have some additional questions, please contact customer support or raise a support ticket.