To start with, you need to transfer funds to your Trading account from your main account. To do that click on “Account” to access your wallets


  • Search for your preferred currency and click on the arrow between the accounts, enter the exact amount you want to move to your trading account and click on transfer.


  • After moving funds to your trading account, click on trade to access the exchange floor, select your preferred market pair from instruments section in this case UNO/BTC


  • Now scroll down to the spot order section and select either of the 4 orders available (i.e., market, limit, scaled and stop limit), the default is limit order. select a subtype of limit order (hover your cursor over the question mark to get a brief description of each type)

To learn more about order types click here


  • To buy UNO with BTC based on the trading pair you have selected (UNO/BTC), fill the fields with the amount and price of coins and click on “Buy Limit” to place your order.


Note: you can fill the fields either by manually inputting the price and the amount or by clicking on “Best bids” and input the amount you would like to buy or by clicking on your preferred price on the “Order Book” and edit the amount.


Once your order has been placed, the system will look for a sell order from the Order Book willing to sell at or below your bid price. If your bid price is lower than the lowest ask price on the Order Book, your order will go into the order book as an Active Order until the market price reaches your set price or lower than your bid price, then your order will fill at that time.