The Chart

The chart contains full information about events taking place in a certain market pair, information like price changes in real-time, opening and closing prices for any chosen period. The chart view consists of various parts:

  1. Current market pair
  2. Zoom in and out
  3. Open (O), close (C), high (H), and low (L) price of a selected candlestick
  4. To view a chart of a particular period
  5. Current market price (in red)
  6. Candlestick. to learn more about candle sticks click here
  7. Chart view total time frame 



This is where you select your preferred trading pair, first, you need to select one of the tabs for your primary cryptocurrency (Tabs: OTC, BTC, USDT, UNO, NGN, ETH) then you will see the list of all market available to your selected primary coin.


The list of all market available consist of 4 columns: Name (name of available market pair, Price (current price of each pair in real-time), Volume (current trading volume of each pair in real-time) and Change (price changes percentage over last 24hours in real time)  


Clicking on the star-sharped by the side of the name adds that trading pair to your favorites list.

Order Book

The order and trade consist of the total volume for each coin on the buy and sell section of the order book and also 3 column and headers Sum, Amount, and Bid/Ask.


Bid/Ask: This is the specific bid/ask price (i.e., the price you are willing to sell and buy)

Sum: This is the number of coins asked/bided at a specific price point

Amount: This is the total number of coin asked/bided at a specific price point