Step1.  Enter the website on your browse and login to your account or click on the instant buy/sell link to access the trade site 

Step2. Click on the ‘buy&sell’ menu

Step3. Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell (e.g. 0.0005)

choose your sell option ( selling from other wallets ( select external wallet), selling from  Tradefada wallet ( select internal)

      ensure it's on peer-to-peer.

Step4. Select the account you would like to receive your payment from the ‘SELECT BANK ACCOUNT’’ menu if you already have your account saved or

 add a new bank account from the ‘add new bank account link’

Step5. Click the ‘Send order’ button to proceed, a “sell confirmation” page will popup, Confirm your entries and click on “confirm order”

Step6.  Be patient for your transaction to be confirmed and accepted by a merchant
 Payments will be processed within 12-24 hours after 2 confirmations on the blockchain.

Note: as soon as you receive your payment, it is important and compulsory to confirm the paid transaction from your dashboard.

To do that, kindly go to the dashboard page and scroll down to your transaction history
-    Click on that particular transaction and its details will be displayed

-    Click on "Confirm bank payment" to confirm your payment