To make a deposit, Login to your account and click on “Account” on the menu bar, or just click the green “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the main window.                                                           

  • Find the desired cryptocurrency using the Search field at the top and hit the “Deposit” column button (circled in green) and your deposit wallet address will be displayed along side it's QR bar code.

  • Copy and paste this address at a third-party service to initiate a transaction.

Note: you can also click on the "Create New" to generate a different address.

There are some coins that have additional identifier fields generally called Payment ID (e.g. XRP, XEM, etc.)

Always remember to copy and paste your "Payment ID" on the destination tag field before initiating a transaction. It is crucial to remember to paste this data into a corresponding field when sending a deposit. If you missed this step, you will need to contact our support.




Note: Each asset in your account has a separate unique address. A deposit sent to the wrong address cannot be automatically processed and confirmed transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.