Step by step instructions to withdraw

1. Click on “Account” on the menu bar (Squared in red).


2. Search for the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw using the Search field at the top and click on “Withdraw” on the corresponding row. This will display fields where you get to input the 'amount' in which you want to withdraw, the recipient wallet 'address', and your 'authenticator code'. and in some cases, some asset requires a 'payment id' (memo, like in the image below).

To withdraw your coin, please ensure the coin is on your wallet account, if it's not, kindly transfer the funds from your spot account to your wallet account before initiating a withdrawal.

3. Enter the withdraw amount in the amount field and also ensure you have enough balance to cover the transaction fee (the transaction fee amount is shown below the amount field).

4. Paste the recipient address and ensure you have the correct address to avoid loss of funds

5. Enter your authentication code and click on “Withdraw”

Note: you need to enable 2fa before you can withdraw any currency.


A notification will be displayed: “Please confirm this withdrawal via email.” After which a mail will be sent to your registered email address containing a link to confirm your withdrawal Important: Cross check the destination address and the amount properly and ensure they are both correct before you confirm the withdrawal.


6. Click on the link and you will be re-directed back to your account page. With that, your withdrawal has been successfully initiated


You can track the progress of your withdrawal on the “Account” page by scrolling down to the “Latest Transaction” section or on the report page under the “Deposit and Withdraw” history tab.