Step1: From your dashboard or Balances, go to your naira wallet select withdraw

Step2: Click on the withdraw button

Step3: input the amount you wish to withdraw

Step4: Select your preferred withdrawal option

       Peer2peer - payments are processed within 12-24 hours (Minimum withdrawal is N20,000)

       Voucher-  see the detailed guide on how to make a withdrawal via voucher (Minimum withdrawal is N1000 with a standard withdrawal fee of N100).    How to make a naira withdrawal with cash VOUCHER 

Step5: Select the bank account you wish to receive your payment from the dropbox if the account is already saved or you add an account from the ‘add New Bank Account’ button.

Step 6. Click on ‘Submit Order’ to proceed.
Note: Payments via p2p are processed within 12-24 hours.