Step1. Enter the website on your browser www.

Step2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase from the dropbox ( eg BTC , ETH BCH etc  ) and Input the amount you want to buy.

Step3. Choose from the drop box the currency you want to pay with.

Step 4. Select Buy now, which takes you to the summary of your purchase, select CONTINUE to proceed.

Step5.  Enter the wallet address of the cryptocurrency you want to purchase then


Step6. Input your registered email address, to create your MoonPay account (Payment account), select CONTINUE

Step7. A verification code will be sent to your email, input code to proceed.

Ensure to agree with the terms of use and privacy policy

Already have an account, skip to Step9

Step8. Follow through all the process of verification (information form (name /date of birth) id card, selfie, billing address etc.) then Continue.

Step9. Enter card details to complete your purchase.