#1. Click on the instant buy/sell link, select ‘click here if you can’t login’ below the sign in link

#2. Select ‘I’m an existing user and I forgot my password’ if you forgot your password


‘I’m a new user and I haven’t received my verification email’ if you are a new user and did not receive the verification mail.

#3. Input your username and click on ‘send email’. A mail will be sent to your email, open it, click on the link and follow the instructions.

#4. Enter your new Password, noting our Minimum Password Requirements.

1 Uppercase letter;

1 Lowercase letter;

1 Special character; and 

1 number.

#5. Confirm your new Password.

#6. Click on the ' Reset Password' button.

#7. Your Password is now successfully changed!

#8. You will be logged out, and you will need this Password to log back in.