Step1.  Enter the website on your browse and login to your account or click on the instant buy/sell link to access the trade site 

Step2. Click on the ‘buy&sell’ menu

Step3. Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell (e.g. 0.0007)

   From sell option select external wallet (if you are selling from other wallets)     


Step4. Select Voucher from the payment option

Step5. Select the account you would like to receive your payment from the ‘SELECT BANK ACCOUNT’’ menu if you already have your account saved or

 add a new bank account from the ‘add new bank account link’

Step5. Click the ‘Send order’ button to proceed, a “sell confirmation” page will pop up, confirm your entries, and click on “confirm order”

Step6: After 2 confirmations, the voucher will be sent to your registered mail.

Step7: Go back to your dashboard, scroll down to transaction, click on the transaction select redeem voucher 

Step8: input the voucher details sent to your mail

Step9:: An otp will be sent to your registered phone number, input otp to redeem

Step10: your bank account will be funded.