In our effort to deliver an optimized experience across all platforms, we now introduce to you Tradefada mobile apps for Android and IOS.

With the Tradefada app, you have access to Trade Cryptocurrency on the go with your mobile devices or tabs

The app is also Packed with various indicators and charts for your technical analysis and also built on an impressive core engine that ranks among the best of its kind for real-time clearing and order matching algorithms.

Downloading and installing the app, open it, and connect to your account. Important: if you are an existing Tradefada account holder, all you need to do is just reset your password, login with the new password and you will be required to activate your 2FA and create a pin (An API key is created for you automatically).

On the main page, you get to see a section where you can deposit or withdraw coins and also shows different pairs based on server-like filters such as 24hours volume, top gainers and losers, and your favorite pair. You can as well click on any of those pairs to take you to the trading floor where you get to trade the coin. 

You can also click on the settings icon on the top left corner of your screen to access account management, security or information about trafedada.


Market tab shows different coin pairs, you can search for the particular coin pair you want based on the base pair (BTC, USDT, UNO, NGN and ETH) and select your preferred market and that takes you to the trading floor. Click on either buy or sell to place a sell or buy order.

Trading floor

Orders tab shows your active trade, filled and cancelled trade and all your trading history. You can also filter by period, date and side.

Account tab shows all the available wallets listed on the exchange. You can search for any coin using the search filed to either deposit/withdraw your coin or transfer funds from main account to trading account.