What are sub-accounts and master account?
A sub-account is an account that the master account creates and manages.

You can share the funds between sub-accounts, monitor and manage their trading and payment behavior, and exclude them from such activities without requiring direct access to them.

How to create a sub-account?
You must complete your KYC Verification before you can create a sub-account. The "Sub-accounts" alternative will become available after your account has been completely verified. Please keep in mind that the Tradefada account you originally created will now serve as your master account.

To create a sub-account simply click the “Create sub-account” button:

Simply enter the email address you wish to register a sub-account with, create and confirm your password.

Note: you cannot use an existing email for this operation.

The status of the account should now be “Invited”

 You should receive an email from us with a verification link through the email address you used to create the sub-account. The creation of your new sub-account is confirmed by clicking the link and following the instructions.

How to manage your sub-accounts?
Managing the sub-account status

Since the withdrawal feature on sub-accounts is disabled by default, this can be easily reversed by pressing the settings button.


You may also do this by choosing several sub-accounts at the same time.

When you disable withdrawals, you won't be able to make a withdrawal from a sub-account. The sub-account's operations is halted while it is frozen. Any of these can be reversible at any time.

Please keep in mind that the trading volumes of both sub accounts and the master account are added together. Fee tiers are determined by the cumulative number of sub and master accounts.

Distributing funds between accounts

Using the master account, you can easily transfer funds between your accounts. To do so, go to the "Transfer Funds" section and press the "Transfer Funds" button:


When you complete the transfer process, the amount of BTC you inputted, is transferred from the master account directly to the selected sub-account:

This operation can be carried out in a variety of ways. However, you can only use this feature if you have a master account.

Deleting sub-accounts

Please note that deleting a sub-account is not an option. The only option is to freezer.

Tracking the actions of the sub-accounts and other functions

Other functions become available when you create a sub-accounts. For example, you can check the balances of your sub-accounts directly from your master account's "Account" page:

This information is also included in the "Reports" section of your master account. Using your master account, you can check and export historical details for your sub-accounts.


In our Support Center, you can learn how to manage your Reports.

From your master account, you can access the API keys for your sub-accounts. Simply press the "API keys" settings button in your "Sub-accounts" area, or go to your master account's "API keys settings" tab and pick the sub-account you want to manage: