Step1:  Enter on your browser

Step2. Login to your account or create an account if you are a new customer.

Step3: Click on the ‘buy&sell’ Menu

Step4:  Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell (e.g. 0.0008)

Step5: Select external wallet if you are selling from other wallets or internal wallet if you are selling from Tradefada wallet.
Step6: Select your preferred payment option (peer2peer or voucher)
Step7: Select the account you would like to receive your payment from the ‘SELECT BANK ACCOUNT’’ menu if you already have your account saved or

Add a new bank account from the ‘add new bank account link’ (if you are selling from an external wallet)

Step8: Click ‘Send order’, button to proceed, a “sell confirmation” page will popup, Confirm your entries and click on “confirm order”

Step9: Send the BTC to the address Generated if you are selling from an external wallet before the count down time elapses.

NOTE: For peer2peer payments are processed after 2 network confirmations on the blockchain.
 For voucher: After 1 confirmation, the voucher is sent to your registered email/phone number redeem cash voucher via