Step1. Enter on your browser
Step2.  On the widget, click on Sell, select your preferred crypto you want to sell, input amount and select the currency you wish to sell for.

Step3. Check the agreement box and click on Sell now.

Step4. Enter your valid email address, click Next

Step5. Complete the form and proceed

Step6. Verification code will be sent to your email, input and click Next

Step7. Enter a valid phone number which you have access to: Proceed
Step8. OTP will be sent to your registered phone number, enter and verify

Step9. Choose the peer2peer payment option, and input your bank details.
Step10. An address will be generated for you to send the crypto before the timer countdown hits Zero.

After 2 Network confirmations,
You will receive a sell confirmation in your email, and payment gets processed to your bank account.