Step1. Enter on your browser
Step2. On the widget, click on BUY, select your preferred crypto you want to buy, input amount and select the currency you wish to buy with. Click BUY NOW.

Step3. Enter your valid email address, click Next

Step4. Verification code will be sent to your email, input and click Next

Step5. Complete the verification process, verify and proceed for a selfie.
Step6. Enter an address of a wallet you can access, click next.
Step7.  Select get a voucher

Step8: Next, Select make payment, which will redirect you to the Afriticket payment gateway on a different window

Step 9. Input card details or choose your preferred payment option by clicking on 'change payment option'

Step10: After making payments, the voucher number will be sent to your email/ phone number 


Step11. Go back to the previous window, select Redeem voucher and follow the instructions.

If the redeem voucher window has been closed, simply repeat the buy process from the beginning until you get to the redeem voucher page.

NOTE: Once the voucher has been successfully redeemed your wallet gets funded.