For several years now, the only and the most valuable resource known to man is GOLD. Gold is known to be the treasure of kings and princes. Anyways that is in the past. We are in the digital world where the internet has transformed how several things and operations are carried out. With Blockchain being invented, the method we store and transfer our wealth has begun to change. Bitcoin is the digital gold, but something rarer, fresh and uncommon than this known digital gold. So it's worth your time to learn about it and invest your money in it too. Do you want to guess what it is? UNOBTANIUM!

So, what is this UNOBTANIUM, how does it work, how is it mined and its applications? All of these is what we will be discussing in this article.

What Is Unobtanium?

Unobtanium is a cryptocurrency that is represented with UNO. Just like it sounds, it's a scarce cryptocurrency with a finite number of UNO coins made available for mining. However, the question to be asked is– is Unobtanium different from other cryptos? I guess the answer is YES!

Unobtanium is the name of open-source software that allows the use of this currency.

Unobtanium is one of the few cryptocurrencies usually inevitable for a long-term holding and investment instead of using it for recurring transactions. It is merged mined with Bitcoin, leading to a protected high-difficulty Blockchain 3 times faster than Bitcoin.

Did you know that UNO is one of the oldest, most secured and highest difficulty altcoins on the planet? Yessssss….it is!

Unobtanium (UNO) is a decentralized SHA-256 PoW (Proof of Work) cryptocurrency distinctive for its low inflation, scarcity with a reasonable promotion and distribution with a circulating supply of 202,661 of the maximum supply of 250 000 coins. UNO is a type of digital currency that is experimental. It allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere, anytime and globally. Furthermore, it makes use of peer-to-peer technology to function with no form of authority; that is, the network is the one that manages transactions and money transfers. 

How Unobtanium is mined 

Unobtanium (UNO) is a coin that was launched on the 18th of October 2013. For miners, mining UNO has been very rewarding. A regionalized community is the one managing and heading UNO. It has endured several bull and bear runs and has gained a lot of mass approval universally. Unobtanium combines with Bitcoin to create a highly complex secure blockchain that is three times faster than Bitcoin. Uno was not pre-mined. The launch was pre-announced on Bitcoin-talk and is indisputably fair. The first 1000 blocks are mined at a low reward to provide miners time to configure equipment.

Now that UNO is combined with Bitcoin, it's even more profitable than before. Just use your linked BTC to buy even more UNOs!! 

Another crucial thing you may need to know about UNO is the block reward. Unobtanium mining took place with a block reward of .001 for the first 2000 blocks to reach a challenging goal. In the 2001 block, the block reward was 1 kg per block, halving every 100,000 blocks, ending up with a minimum grant of 0.01 after 15 halves. 

 Distribution of Unobtanium takes place in two steps. First, roughly 190,000 units will be distributed during the first six-block halvings. Second, the remaining 60,000 units are for long-term mining support. 

Now that we’ve discussed how UNO is mined, what are the applications? 

Applications of UNO

UNO, an original rare cryptocurrency in the crypto world, can be used and industrialized for numerous circumstances, even in Nigeria via the Tradefada platform! Some of these include;

  1. It can be used for Real Estate lease-to-own.

  2. It can as well be used as a Cryptocurrency Agent Network

  3. It can be used as Under collateralized loans for Cryptocurrency Lending

  4. UNO can be used as a payment processor

  5. UNO can be used as an Exchange Token

  6. It can also be used for Cross-Border Remittances 

Interesting facts about UNO 

Having known the applications of UNO, let’s look at some key things you should also know about UNO, some of which includes the fact that it is…

  1. Only 202,000 UNO exist, with a max of 250,000 in 30 years

  2. One of the most stable altcoins ever

  3. The talented and mysterious founder of Unobtanium, known as Blazr2, prefers to remain anonymous.

  4. The oldest, most secure, and the most difficult altcoins on the planet.


Unobtanium is designed for investing, emulating real-life precious metals, like gold, in their inadequacy and supposed value. UNO intends to be the ‘precious metal’ of the cryptocurrency world. Hopefully, you've enjoyed discovering all of these facts about Unobtanium. Now, it's your turn to start buying UNO. Unobtanium can be purchased at exchanges such as Tradefada. Invest in it now, and you will be glad you did!