Tradefada, Bantu Trading Contest

TRADEFADA is a One-Stop Cryptocurrency exchange that combines the reliability and swiftness of a web-based exchange with the convenience and portability of an app. Tradefada offers the ability to buy into the crypto market through various local currencies and trade on over 100 pairs of the top and most reliable cryptocurrencies. Tradefada’s vision is to see Africa benefit immensely and achieve economic freedom by leveraging cryptocurrencies, Tradefada provides solutions to all cryptocurrency trader’s needs.

The Bantu Blockchain Foundation develops decentralized and scalable blockchain infrastructure, applications, and services that empower humanity.

The XBN is the native asset/token for the Bantu Network. It is a utility token that powers all operations and transactions on the network. Users who carry out transactions on the network pay transaction fees in XBN.

The similarities in the missions of Tradefada and Bantu led to the listing of the XBN token on the Tradefada spot exchange.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, the Bantu Blockchain foundation will be hosting a trading competition on Tradefada spot exchange.

Stand a chance to win a share of the $20,000 in $XBN tokens on the Bantu Trading Competition on Tradefada Exchange. ?

The Competition will run from 15th January-16th February 2022.

The top users ranked by effective trading volume (including both buy and sell orders) on the XBN/USDT spot trading pair will share a prize pool of $20,000 in XBN tokens. The rewards will be split based on each user's total XBN trading volume during the competition period.

To qualify for the prize, you need to register for the competition on the Competition page.


Best of Luck!!!

Disclaimer: Trading in cryptocurrencies carries various risks, and is not suitable for all investors. Please seek expert advice, and always ensure that you DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing in any projects.