To start margin trading, you need to do the following 

1. Enable 2-factor authentication 

2. Add funds (assets) to the Margin Account.

3. Make your first trade.

Adding funds(assets) to the margin accounts 

Do note that the funds (assets) used for collateral will be reserved on your balance and won’t be available for trading.

1. ensure you have funds (assets) in the Spot Account, then press "Margin."

2. Click on the red "Margin" button at the top right.

3. A pop-up will appear. Enter the desired amount of collateral (margin) and press the "Transfer" 


4. Now your Buying Power has been multiplied by 12. In this example, 240 USDT was borrowed, with collateral of 20 USDT.

.5. You can simply add more funds to your collateral (margin) at any time.